I’m Charlotte (Charlie to my nearest and dearest), a 20 something who is lucky enough to call Surrey home. This is my piece of cyber heaven and I hope you enjoy perusing these pages just as much as I enjoy writing them.

Strangely for a blogger, I’m pretty camera shy – so you probably won’t get much of a glimpse of me. Instead, I’ll be filling these pages with my travels, good food, local gems and hopefully little snippets of inspiration too. In addition to this you will probably meet my friends, my partner or pets along the way. Don’t be fooled, my lifestyle isn’t as glamorous as it first sounds – I still have a very normal day job, do my own washing and have to be up early every morning to do the horses. I haven’t quite found my dream occupation just yet.


I am infatuated by bags, have a passion for the outdoors and a slightly strange obsession with Rhinos and Unicorns (And yes, I prefer them in that order). Travel is what keeps me sane and I have a long list of places left to visit… do be sure to hop aboard to join me on my voyages.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I really hope you’ll enjoy my adventures and the pictures taken along the way! I do hope you’ll be sure to come back soon.