Adventure starts here…

Travelling is my thing – I mean who doesn’t want to see the world when they have the chance? I have been like this since I can remember; any excuse to use my passport had me like a moth to a flame.  When I was younger I was lucky enough to travel with school and ended up on countless ski holidays, travelling around Europe and even visiting Russia. As I grew up the travelling continued and saw me visit places like South Africa, Cuba, Dubai and Mexico to name a few.


I have to admit, the whole world is on my list but I haven’t quite made it around yet!

I’ve therefore decided to pack a bag, leave work and travel the world for three months. Three whole months! Don’t get me wrong, I know that three months isn’t the longest time someone has ever lived out of a bag, but for me it’s huge. This trip will be a huge tick off the bucket list and I’ll keep you updated as I walk, bike, boat or catch a bus around some of the most amazing places in the world.


My biggest dilemma was actually deciding where to go… I mean I have a whole map to get around! As I’ll be off between January and March it was decided that Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Fiji where the countries to visit. In addition I’ll be stopping off in Singapore and Dubai just because I can! It’s so important to plan your holiday based on the weather in each place – fingers crossed we have found the right balance to things.


So that’s it, the cat is well and truly out of the bag! It feels great to finally share this with you all and its actually suddenly become rather real – 120 something days until take off!

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