Back to blogging…

Do you ever feel that sometimes life get’s away from you? Everything is moving at 100 miles an hour and you just seem to miss the simple and enjoyable things in life.

For a while I have been a bit fed up with blogging. Writing for the sake of typing words onto a screen, rather than enjoying sharing news with you all. I can honestly say that, recently, I have felt like a cloud has been over me and this has caused me to shut myself off. I think I have let simple pressures in life become a huge thing – something I’m not too proud to admit.

I am pleased to say though, that this break has given me the perspective I have needed to come back and not be so sour about things. I hope this post will be a new start – a start to me enjoying this side of my life again.

It worked for me, it may well work for you, just take your foot off the accelerator and start to cruise along whilst you collect your thoughts – the added stress really isn’t worth it. Everyday should be a good day – so let’s make it happen!

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