Amsterdam it…

With a 1 hour and 15 minute flight from the bright lights of London, Amsterdam is the perfect place for a quick weekend get away. It’s fairly easy to navigate, the locals are friendly and there is as many tulips and as much cheese as you can shake a stick at.

We hit the ground running, and although we ended up getting snowed in over there, we had a great time in hindsight. Here is my ultimate guide to getting a taste for Amsterdam, make sure you check them out!

  • Visit the I amsterdam sign – It’s simply a right of passage and fairly close to other parts of the ‘must see’ city.


  • Check out ‘Blushing’ it’s a healthy food and coffee shop and provides a good vegan menu for those who are searching for healthy honest food. It’s super close to the Van Gogh museum too.
  • The Van Gogh Museum naturally. DO be sure to book online with a time, the line is massive!
  • Wander the canals and look at the art shops. You get a better feel for the city like this. Do a cruise if you have time too – it fills you in on the history of the place.


  • De Foodhallen… because a halls worth of food is a MUST.


  • Gulpener van kerkwijk … probably the best place I have been to for food for a while. They don’t have a menu and once seated, you get told whats on offer. The staff are super friendly and the service was great.


  • Anne Frank’s House – I don’t need to say anymore about this.


So pack your bag – Amsterdam is calling.


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