8 simple ways to adult better…

So I’ve woken up, the wrong side of being an early twenty-somthing, and I keep freaking out about what I am doing with my life.

Now, I know being in your late twenties is not something to really panic about. Afterall we are really just on the edge of the journeys that lay ahead. But for some reason I am panicing – and hard.

To prevent myself having a breakdown I have come up with the ultimate guide to adulting better! I know, who would have thought that with two degree’s and some life experience I would still need to be writing a list!

  1. Get organised! This is an easy one, but the ‘I forgot’ excuse just won’t cut it anymore.  You are nearly 30 afterall! SO get organised, sync diaries so all of your devices know what you’re up to but I also adore having a paper diary – nothing quite like writing things down.
  2. Save some money every month. A wise man told me to save 1/3 of my monthly salary… maybe in 1982 but not in 2018! I do however try hard to save regulalry and have set up accounts to do so. No more buying expensive bags, posh coffee’s and the ultimate millenial faze of avocardo’s 3-ways.
  3. Work out where your career is going – make it happen, improve your skills and achieve. DO you know where you want to go or what you are aiming for? If not, have a think. The world is your oyster so the time for change is now.
  4. Travel! It’s the best thing that you can do and now you have the time (before you settle down into that little love nest you have created) book that flight, jump on the train or find a ferry.
  5. Try Yoga. No this isn’t a fad. I’ve tried it (think more stiff as a board than light as a feather) and really loved it. It has chilled me out, got me some me time and helped me meet some really lovely people.
  6. Eat what you like – yeah you heard me, eat it, eat it all. Who doesn’t want to have all the good kinda food in their diet (mixed in with some really naughty treats).
  7. Be kind. We are no longer at school, give people a bit more of your time, do something selfless. Just try and take the stress out of the day to day.
  8. Be you –  there is no need to pretend anymore.

SO that’s it, my 8 things to make adulting a little easier!

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