20 Blog Post Ideas for 2018…

Ok, ok I’ll admit something to you that I haven’t really wanted to admit. I was sick of writing. I didn’t really fancy filling these pages and telling you lovelies what I had been up to. The last few months for me have been hideous – it’s been a ball of stress, worry and bad news.

So I decided that, January can be my warm up to 2018 – who likes January anyway, right? And, February will be the new start of my wonderful year (the cover photo has everything I now love about this month – ponies and a sunrise!).

This got me thinking. If I’m going to drip feed myself into writing blog posts again on the regular. What should I write about? What topics do I want to cover in 2018 that will keep me posting and not allow me to get so swamped under a pile of mehh?

Well here is the definitive list:

  1. My morning routine
  2. My Top 5 must read blogs
  3. Women in industry series
  4. What is my biggest fear?
  5. How to make adult-ing easier?
  6. My favourite cocktails!
  7. Travel bucket lists…
  8. The perks of a 5 year plan
  9.  Product reviews
  10. Book reviews
  11. My monthly roundup
  12. Companies that I’ve had my eye on…
  13. The best things for skincare
  14. How to bake the ultimate treat
  15. How to get ahead at work
  16. Photo of the Month
  17. Books that changed my life
  18. Inspirational quotes to live by
  19. How to reduce Stress in your life
  20. What to do when…

So that’s it. You have it in black and white – keep your eyes peeled for these beauties. I have to write about them now I’ve promised them? Right?

P.S. If you have any blog post requests let me know – I’m happy to write something for you if you want something specific.


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