Date Nights…

I think we all know by now that long term relationships (or LTR) can often fall down the rabbit hole that is routine. You get to know each other so well that the treats become the norm and you no longer dress up to go out because you both like the option of being at home, on the sofa, in you comfies, watching Netflix for the 35th hour of that particular week.

Much to the dismay of JS, I decided that this year we were going back to date nights. I wanted us to start making a smidge more of an effort – although I’m sure that my tracksuit bottoms are the most flattering outfit I own!

So goodbye to the routine of LTR. Hello new and exciting date nights! I thought I should probably share the rules that we have decided to follow in case they inspire you too. And don’t worry, I will be filling you in on what we end up doing throughout the year.

Spend time visiting old tube stations…
  • Take it in turns to organise something. We have decided to split date nights by alternative month, with JS going first.
  • Keep it varied, that’s the whole point after all. SO that means no two dinner dates can be back to back.
  • Organise something you have always wanted to do – if you have to book months in advance then do it, you know when its your turn to choose something to do.
  • Take your camera, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture the smiles and the sheer joy of what you have been up to.
  • Evenings out don’t have to be expensive – so you have no excuses about not wanting to get involved!
Or drink the worlds BEST hot chocolates from Choccywoccydoodah!

As promised I will be sure to keep you updated on everything that goes on. In the hope of giving you some ideas too!

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