Chocolate and Banana Penguins…

Since I have been one of the lucky few who has had the whole of the Christmas break off, JS and I decided we should try and get creative in the kitchen.

Scrolling through Instagram I managed to find this cute recipe from Foodbites…


The concept is simple. Dip your banana chunk in melted chocolate, leaving it to set and cool. Add candy eyes (we bought ours from the supermarket) and then add feet and a beak made from Reese’s pieces.

I know us bloggers don’t always show ‘reality’ so I thought, I should show you the result of our attempts. This, is what we got…


I can also assure you that no children assisted in the making of these. I’m not sure if that makes this any less acceptable or not?

We had a great time making these, even though they didn’t come out as well as expected. It was super simple too and could provide easy edible fun when your running out of things to do at home.

Blogsmass No 9: 

What did you make in the kitchen over the festive period? Don’t be afraid to share your pictures, they can’t be any worse than our edible penguins!

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