New Year…New You

I am so done with 2017. It has been a pretty mediocre year for me. Not bad mediocre but just a ‘not much to note’ kind of year. A lot of my friends are getting married, buying houses and having babies. I spent most of my 2017 counting down until I was holidaying and then, as soon as the plane touched down at Heathrow, begging and persuading everyone I knew that we really did need another holiday!

Often the New Year is plagued with resolutions that we have no intention of keeping. But, do we really need to make them? I think a few that we can stick to are a good idea; who doesn’t like to set goals at least.

I have therefore decided that 2018 should be less about consistently searching for a new holiday. But, instead should be spent on me ticking a few things of my self improvement list.

I think creating a new you goes alongside having a fresh start! So here are somethings that will help me to create my ‘new’ me in the new year…

  1. Get a POW haircut. Over the years I have had my hair in pretty much every style you can imagine – long, short, highlighted, dip dyed and even shaved in parts. It’s time to start the new year with a new do.
  2. Start a new skill. Previously, just after Uni, I worked as a Florist. I loved it. I’m thinking of going back to night school and officially qualifying. Nothing is better than the ability to make beautiful bouquets in an instant!
  3. Have more patience. I became a bit of a hot head in 2017 – everything had to be done instantly as I was always in a hurry. I’m vowing now to stop this in 2018; if nothing else I’m sure my blood pressure will be grateful!
  4. Give up some of my time. Yep, I want to give a little bit back. So I’m hoping to find a charity to support and volunteer my time with. Charity suggestions are welcome!

There you have it. My 4 things to bring into the New Year that will make me a better person. I know some of you feel like these are some kind of resolutions. But they aren’t –  as I will actually make sure I stick to these!

Blogsmass No 6: 

How will you create a new you in the New Year? Pick something that you will really stick too – half hearted efforts don’t count! I am more than excited to hear all about it, so do keep me posted with what you decide to do.

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