BT Christmas Concert at the Royal Albert Hall…

This festive season has really crept up on me. I know I’ve said it before but I feel like I blinked and nearly missed it.

This year I got the opportunity to head to the Royal Albert Hall to see the BT Christmas Concert. We even had a box… how lucky were we?


It was an evening of pure delight with beautiful Christmas classics being performed by all kinds of stars.



It even had the right amount of audience participation!


Regrettably I didn’t end up bringing the big camera, so you’ll have to put up with a few photos from my phone… apologies in advance about this!

It was a wonderful introduction to the festive season and something JS and I can attend next year, in the hopes of making it a little Christmas tradition.


Blogsmass No 4:

In preparation for next years festivities, be sure to try out a concert rather than the standard ice skating or panto. I think, if you can’t try something new during the festive period, then when can you?

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