5 Minute Friday – 15/12/2017…

So I’m back!

The trip was incredible (posts will be coming as soon as I can write them!) but we did have a little issue getting home – thanks to the snow and multiple delayed or cancelled flights.

Never have I been so glad to be home, drinking over priced hot chocolate from themed take-away cups.

Anyway, with everything as stressful as it was, this morning I was graced with total peace and quiet. Although the frost was heavy on the ground, I got to see the sunrise with the horses. Aaaaannnndddd breathe…


Now I can’t remember what all the stress was about!

Blogsmass No 3:

It’s basically Christmas after all. So I suggest that you get straight into the spirit of things and opt for every Christmas branded option you can get your hands on. Anything from drinks and sandwiches to repackaged themed goodies normally available all year round – it’s an easy way to accept the inevitable and let the festive season grow on you a bit.

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