BIG changes in our household…

I’m not sure how I feel about change. It’s not that I need everything to stay the same, but I do appreciate more than I acknowledge, the order that a routine brings. I like knowing what I have to do and when I have to do it by. I’m a Virgo; that should be all you need to know to put the above statements into context!

In our household we currently have a very big change taking place. I should probably clarify the term ‘our household’. By this I mean my long suffering other half and I. I’m working on getting a puppy but he isn’t having any of it at the moment!

I feel at this point I should grace said him with a name. In the interests of keeping things simple let’s call him JS (Initials make the most imaginative nicknames!). Anyway, my total wonder bucket other half works in the fickle industry of film. He is my techno-guru, my pulled pork specialist but most importantly he is the chap to go to for the ultimate cup of tea.

He has finally left the secure work of being a camera technician and has taken the plunge into freelance. It’s a plunge, not simply because you’re going it alone and out into the big wide world that is the film industry but also because (as I am sure everyone will tell you) it’s not always a walk in the park.

This is wonderful for him (nerve-racking for me) and there is something magical about seeing someone jumping one step closer to their dream. His ultimate dream is to become a DoP. To those of us not in the know that’s a Director of Photography or in layman’s terms it’s the head of the camera department. At the moment JS is working as a DIT (because we all love an acronym) or digital imaging technician. After explaining this to me several times I gather he is the guy who ensures picture quality is correct and that the files are ready to edit. Hopefully I haven’t made that too confusing for you to get your head around. From what I’m told he is well on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a DoP. So it’s a gold star for JS!

Obviously this shift to freelance is the fruit of slogging away for years. Hours and hours of time given up at the weekends, evenings and on occasion, cancelling plans at short notice to produce great work and create long lasting contacts. I am sure all of these sacrifices are worth it and all of the hard work will pay off. He has even created a very professional looking webpage (no surprise there) and if you fancy having a nosey because you need a camera guy look here.

As it’s still the morning, I’d appreciate you all raising your cuppa’s to wish JS well on his new journey. If you need a camera man, a techno-guru or simply just someone to make you the world’s best cup of tea, he’s around so be sure to get in touch!

PS. My first post without pictures in the text… I’m really not sure how I feel about it! 


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