Small Business Saturday

I’ve been thinking lately that the high street is pretty dull. No matter where you end up, it’s the same stuff in the same shops, on the same streets. How uninspiring. But we all flock there anyway, in the hope of finding that unique-non-unique piece of clothing that will add a little somethin’ somethin’ to our wardrobes.

That got me thinking – do we have small brands anymore? If so, where can I find them? Incredibly my little thought has coincided with ‘Small Business Saturday’. A day, founded by American Express in 2010 that encourages us all to shop local. What an idea huh!

So I have been mulling over some ideas on how to shop small and local…

Fruit and Veg Market –  Its the obvious choice for us all! Most towns have them on a Saturday anyway, so that’s an easy win. Not only are you supporting a small local business, you’re also (when possible) buying seasonal and local produce (an added bonus that your doing your bit for the environment too).


Butcher’s – Local butchers are a dying breed but you really really really can’t beat a good butcher who knows their stuff. For one week just give it a try – they can even advise you what to do with the cheaper cuts to make really scrummy food for cheaper than you think!


Bakers – Look a bit further a field than your local bakery for you next cake order. Plenty of people bake (have a search on social media) up a storm and can create the most mind-boggling, out of this world cupcakes totally bespoke to you. Speak with them first, they could give you just want you want!

Jewelry – I bet you have already guessed what I’m about to say. Yes, shop small. I know several people who make their own jewelry, its amazing and one of the most personal things you can give to someone. Find them something different or commission something special just for them – going small is the way to go.


Etsy – The small business bible. As you all already know, I’m not exaggerating when I say you can pretty much buy every unique gift you can think of on here. It’s easy, fast and online so that knocks out the ‘I don’t have time to look’ mindset. If you are looking to support a small business then be sure to check it out!

So I think we should all make a bit more of an effort to shop with small businesses, especially this Weekend. I’m not saying totally boycott your big national stores, but still, shopping local makes someone do a little dance of joy when they make a sale and helps pave the way for someones future. Its like buying a really wonderful product and mixing it with a good deed – how perfect is that!



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