Gettin’ Fit or Dyin’ Tryin’

I always seem to miss the boat. I’ve realised that my Summer 2017 body never quite got of the ground and so, I have decided I will start early on my 2018 one.

If I could I’d blame the Italian in me but sadly we don’t actually have any Italian roots (I wish we did though, who doesn’t adore pasta and wine?!). So, in an attempt to finally be organised for summer holiday season 2018 I’m going to be gettin’ fit or dyin’ tryin’.

I’ve joined a gym, brushed the dust of my marathon trainers and blissfully signed up to several gym classes. I often find that training with people rather than on your own is the way forward. Don’t be scared to give it a go either, gym classes often seem daunting but they are normally pretty fun once you get going.

I must admit though, this time I had probably bitten off more than I could chew.  The most enthusiastic person I had ever met in my entire life, burst into the room to take the class. With more energy than Tigger, faster moves that Usain Bolt and more rhythm than the Notting Hill carnival could shake a stick at, she created the ultimate test of fitness.

I stayed near the back (well advised) and tried to keep up. At this point I was very much out of time, doing the opposite of everyone else in the class and when in doubt improvising.

This all being said… I LOVED IT (when my heart stopped pounding). So much so I am back tonight, same class, same instructor, same amateur attempts to look like a pro from me. I can’t wait.

Get inspired, try a class in the gym or even go for a trundle around the local park. I’ll keep you updated with my progress – I’m hoping the next time I write about this I will be less like a giraffe on stilts and more like an elegant swan in my chosen gym classes!

Any training tips from those of you who are pro’s at this would be greatly appreciated, I’m quite conscious about making sure I get the best results in time for Summer 2018!

I’m off to cool down…


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