5 Minute Friday – 17/10/2017…

As we creep towards the end of 2017, I’m sitting at my laptop flicking through endless holiday websites.

That time I went to South Africa and nearly got eaten by Baboons!

Why shouldn’t I already be planning my 2018 breaks?

Does anyone have any suggestions for holiday locations – I’m thinking one long haul, one short haul and then maybe one or two staycations. That should be about right for a years worth of holidays. Although if I can fit in a couple more I will!

The Cascade

I’ll give anything a go from city living to peaceful and quiet countryside. I like to experience new cultures and try local cuisine so anywhere with a large array of good restaurants is always near the top of my list. Seasons don’t bother me, I can wrap up warm for snow or get out the maxi dresses in the sun.

My lust for travel grows year on year, but this means I have too many places to visit and not enough time to work out where I should priorities going.

Any ideas? Someone must be able to help, I’m really struggling!



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