A Girls Weekend Away – Part 2

We woke early, even though we had vowed not to set alarms over the weekend and decided to walk to Stow-on-the-Wold, the largest (and closest) market town to the cottage.

For those not in the know, apparently Stow is the highest town in the Cotswolds, something later confirmed by the hilly walk that seemed steep in places. We had to keep mooooving though…


The town itself is adorable, the same honey coloured stone, but it’s littered with independent gift shops (two of my fave pictured below), tea rooms and of course pubs!


PS. For those in the know – probably one of the best card and gift shops ever. EVER.

Taking our time we explored every inch of every shop. I mean you can take the girls out of London but can you really ever take the London (shopping at least) out of the girls?

We stopped off at the Cotswolds Bakery to grab some hand made goodies and eventually set off home. The walk did seem a little easier on the way home though, probably because it was all down hill!


Once home we continued to explore, finding some honesty box eggs at the local farm!

Eventually we sauntered over to the local pub for dinner – where the food was honest, wholesome and homely. We chatted, of course, for what seemed like hours before walking home in the pitch black – thank goodness we brought torches with us.


Fire on, we all curled up to watch a film.


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