A Girls Weekend Away – Part 1

Time is precious.

It seems that each year passes a little more swiftly than the last. Maybe it’s the fact that we are now hurtling head first into our thirties, or the fact that life is just getting in the way, but time with friends is precious. And, truth be told, harder and harder to come by.

Naturally then, after planning months in advance, it was time to have a girls weekend away. No OH’s, hardly any phone signal and lots of good food. Where else would you want to go but the Cotswold’s?

We stayed in the most adorable cottage, complete with open fire, honey coloured stone and wonky windows. It was simply perfect.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-12 at 15.31.22

Welcome to Michaelmas Cottage.

Settling in after a long drive we put the world to rights whilst eating some lovingly made Choux buns by the very talented Curly’s Cooking and then sauntered of to bed – we had the whole of the weekend to look forward to.


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