Jackson & Rye

For those of you not familiar with Jackson & Rye, you really are missing out!

We headed over to Guildford for one of our rare date nights. Put simply Jackson & Rye is the mecca for those who love American food with a whole host of tasting Whiskeys and Ryes available to try – perfect!

We sat down comfortably, even if the tables were a little packed in. The service was quick and we manged to order our food in a flash.

The menu has plenty of choice but is mainly filled with classical favorites.



My personal recommendations from previous visits would be to have the Mac & Cheese and the Popcorn chicken. Trust me, they are a MUST if your sitting down for dinner. Although if you have a larger appetite it may be worth ordering something to go with them.

This time I opted for the Buttermilk Chicken Burger whilst the OH opted for the Brisket. As always the Brisket was melt in your mouth fabulous and the burger was just as tasty, although the chips could have done with a little less grease!


The best part of coming here is the Whiskey and Rye on offer – they even have their own menu! Although I’m not one for drinking, this is perfect for those who want to try a whiskey without committing to a small sip or an entire bottle.


We finished our meals with desserts of course (although this was eaten before I had the chance to get a photo) and headed home to spend some more time relaxing before the busy week ahead.

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