What are my 2018 goals…

Yes, it really is that time of year again. It’s November, and that means 2018 is a simple hop, skip and jump away.

As the nights role in and I spend more time cozy on the sofa, I’ve been thinking about what I want from 2018. I’ve tried to keep my list achievable, whilst containing a whole host of things, big and small!

Travel – I adore Travel. My aim for 2018 is to visit three new places to experience their culture and incredible foodie offerings!

On Safari in South Africa

Gain a few more followers on Instagram – well actually try and get my very humble number of followers up to 500 (If I can get any more than this its a total bonus).

If you’re not already following me on Insta, do come and find me…

I’d like to bring back a little more food onto the blog. I love to cook but it’s finding the time, or getting my camera at the ready in preparation for the post I then need to write. So i’m going to try and put up at least one recipe a month.

Maybe I’ll start with some Baking recipes!

Hone my photography skills. My passion for photography is ever growing but I really do need to become a bit more technical with my current ‘point, hope and shoot’ approach.

When I look back at pictures like this one taken at Castle Combe, I remember how much I enjoy taking photos!

Start a new thing – this ‘thing’ is yet to be decided. But I want to start a new hobby and interest to broaden my skill set.

Maybe I’ll try Yoga?

I want to read more. Like actually pick up a book, read, enjoy and reflect on it. Rather than picking it up and not really committing to it.


What do you want to happen in your 2018? Start small or dream big – there is no harm in either!

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