World Mental Health Day

As you all know, World Mental Health Day was the 10th of October.  It’s so important to have specific days, like this, to raise awareness.  Once the dust has settled I wanted to write something to really address 5 ways to improve your mental health, for more than a single day:

1) Be Active… Get outside, take a walk or hit the gym. Exercise (no matter how much we all hate it) is good for the soul and can act as a great pick me up if you feel you’re on a downwards spiral. Being involved with a sports team can also help; you have more people to speak to and add to your support network.


2) Be Mindful… Focus on yourself and how you feel in that moment. Write a diary, speak with friends or seek counselling if you think you need too. Be conscious of your mood – it’s so important to understand what makes you tick and how you can improve your day by making the smallest changes.

3) Take care of your Body… Eat right and drink lots of water. Avoid the temptation of fast food and quick snacks – they won’t make you feel any better and sugar is responsible for many of our mood swings! Try new foods too, variety is the spice of life after all.


4) Learn how to deal with Stress… Make stress your friend and don’t allow it to get you down. We all get stressed at work, something that is often inevitable day–in-day-out for many of us. But take extra breaks, speak to your manager about your workload if its becoming to much and get back on track. It easier said than done but it’s not worth getting stressed about! Most companies these days have a ‘mental health day’. It’s essentially a day that you can take away from work to help you get back on track, be sure to ask about it!

5) Take time out… Take some you time, light a candle, have a hot bath and relax. Read that book, curl up on the sofa and don’t let the outside world influence how you feel for the evening. You could even get your friends over and stick on a box set.


Remember, life gets on top of us all sometimes and there is no shame in seeking that little bit of extra support when you need it. Have a coffee, take some time out but at the very least, no matter how hard it is, speak to someone.  Nattering doesn’t need to be intimidating, it’s empowering. No one should suffer alone so now’s the time to make a difference and ride out the very overwhelming wave!


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