So I signed up…

I love a challenge.

So I have signed up to my first challenge for 2018.

Yes, 2018 seems miles off (excuse the pun), but I am sure it will come around in a heartbeat. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to enter my first half marathon. I know many of you are thinking, her first half marathon, but she has completed 3 London Marathons already? I can only describe my historical training regime as unique. So, embarrassingly, so this will be my first proper half.

As an added bonus I have managed to tempt my gluten for punishment other half to sign up. I wonder if he will still be talking to me at the finish line!

The ‘Big Half’ will be held in March 2018. The route starts in Tower Bridge, heading to Canary Warf and finishing up at the Cutty Sark at Greenwich. Some of this route is similar to that of the London Marathon, so it should have a wonderful atmosphere all the way round.

Unfortunately all the non-charity places are gone, but there is still time to run for a charity if you so wish. Have a little look here.

I have been fortunate enough to sign up to run (once again) on behalf of Beating Bowel Cancer, a charity very close to my heart.

Beating Bowel Cancer do fabulous work for those and their families who are suffering from or the effects of Bowel Cancer. All I can say is that if you are in doubt, get checked – it isn’t worth putting it off.

If you would like to find out more about them as a charity, have a little click on here.

Although I have chosen Beating Bowel Cancer as my charity of choice you can pick from an extensive list when signing up for a challenge. Whether the charity means something to you, someone you know or if it’s just because you feel like doing some good, give it a go.

So here I am all signed up for the ‘Big Half’ to be held in March 2018… how hard can it be?

The Beating Bowel Cancer Slogan…

I’ll keep you updated with my training, highs and lows. 


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