London’s Calling…

Even though I was born and raised in Surrey, I have neglected the Capital. I came here a lot as a child with my parents and studied for my MA here, but these days I barely venture into the Big Smoke.

This all changed when we grabbed the train into town for a ‘Date Day’ (FYI, these are the date nights of 2017!).

We pulled into Waterloo and got a glimpse of the extended platforms (very swish), grabbed some breakfast and headed to Southbank. We even stumbled across art installations…

The Appearing Rooms by Jeppe Hein is an interactive fountain which creates rooms with walls of water. These are totally random so it’s pot luck whether you get soaked through or not!

After breakfast we headed back to the Imax to see Dunkirk. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s not for the faint hearted. I can honestly say this truly captures the art of surviving war and I believe this will become a classic film of our time.  A soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, Tom Hardy in a Spitfire and Directed by Christopher Nolan what else could you want?


To lighten the mood we headed to Bodeans for Lunch. If you want American Style BBQ then be sure to seek it out. Portions are large though… you’ve been warned!

After hopping and skipping around London to do some shopping, we crammed in a last minute stop off at a place that brings back as many childhood memories as Hamleys.

Welcome to Fortnum and Mason!

We even managed to get a glimpse of David Bailey’s 400 limited edition bronze tiger sculptures (these will be sold with the proceeds going to Greenpeace)…

David Bailey’s 400 Sumatran tiger’s – already disappearing!

What a way to spend the day. Exhausted from all the excitement we hopped back on the train to the suburbs, trying desperately to stay awake!

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