Challenge Accepted…

Without sounding ungrateful, all my friends seem to be getting engaged, having babies or are flourishing in their chosen career. I, instead, have turned to blogging!

Who needs diamonds, PA’s or a child in tow…? Well me actually, but now just isn’t the right time in my life. Instead I have vowed to take on challenges… big, small or even just slightly crazy.

I can hear you all saying ‘is she totally mad’ but I can assure you, I haven’t totally lost my mind (yet).

For the last three years I have completed the London Marathon, an experience that is simply mind blowing. I’m not a runner and I’m certainly not built for speed but I completed the gruelling 26.2 miles anyway, all in the name of charity!


This challenge isn’t for the faint hearted. Many of the people I met along my marathon journey became injured and had to drop out. It’s disheartening and gruelling as you ramp up the training to ensure you have the best chance for a successful finish, that’s without even mentioning the blisters!

But honestly, I would recommend taking up the marathon challenge to any who feel inspired enough to go for it. If I can do it so can you, just be prepared for the low moments along with some very amazing highs.


I know I will never overshadow this feat. It’s also safe to say that my body will never hold up to another Marathon again. I know that, and trust me, I’m ok with it!

To make up for this. I have now decided to sign up for several new challenges, the majority of which will will be filling these pages.

Planning ahead is a must… especially with my hand covered diary!

So lets take this on together. Sign up for a challenge, train hard and support a charity in the process!

Ps. If you have any challenge ideas do let me know, I’m open to suggestions!

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