Writers Block…

Writers block is the well-known ailment whereby an author (in this instance this would be me) losses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.

Pretty poor timing I think you’d agree, especially as the blog has only just passed its first tennie-tiny blogversary. So I’m sat here, hair in a bun on the top of my head, keyboard in hand, comfy clothes on…and nothing. Literally nothing comes to mind. My brain has given up, gone on holiday and forgotten to tell me, great!

This (ironically) got me thinking. What do you do when you get writers block? How do deal with it or even, better yet, prevent it.

Here is my little 5 step self help guide to get typing again:

  • Social Writing – go out get a coffee and write with friends. Hopefully that will stimulate your brain.


  • Go old school – take a pen and a notebook (I can assure you they do exist) and pop it in your bag. Then you can write as and when the moment takes you. Ps. I am currently on the lookout for some very wonderful stationary if anyone has any ideas?


  • Set realistic goals – maybe I need to not sit down and write at set times, just go with the flow (that’s harder than it sounds for someone as organised as me).


  • Brainstorm – get those felt tips at the ready and map out what you would like to talk about and in what order. Then get back to the keyboard to write some more.


  • Walk away – Have some you time, and forget about the pressure associated with writing. After all, you can always come back to it later (unless a hideously close deadline is looming).


Who knew that sitting down with writers block would allow my brain to fire up and start typing away again. Here’s to breaking the ‘I can’t think’ curse…time for a little reward!

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