The top 10 things to do on a rainy weekend…

It’s summer and as far as I was aware this means we should be steadily cruising into sunny days and lighter evenings, something we have longed for after a rather chilly winter. I wake this morning to find that it’s raining. Not the type of rain that allows you to enjoy the most wonderful of rainbows but, instead, the type that makes you layer up your waterproofs and take flood prevention measures.

This got me thinking, what does an outdoorsy person like me do cooped up inside? Here are my top ten things to do when the weather outside is simply frightful:


    1. Run a luxurious Bubble Bath and I mean so many bubbles you can even make a beard with them! Let’s face it, when do we find the time to have guilt free bathing session? For the ultimate chill out try a bubble bath with lavender in.
    2. Bake. Bake until your hearts content. Nothing gets rid of bad weather blues better than a muffin or homemade Victoria sponge. Put on that piny, get out the mixer and bake like you’re the next contestant on GBBO.
    3. Spring clean. That’s right, nothing is better than a good sort out when you can’t get outside. This really is the perfect time to have a de-clutter as you won’t feel guilty next time the sun is out. I always bag up anything useful and donate it to my local charity shop. Just because you don’t wear it, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it.
    4. Get Planning. What better way to take your mind off being stuck indoors than planning your next trip. Whether that be a guilt free weekend away or your annual holiday. Now is the time to get planning, better yet, plan your perfect trip and then wait for the sales to come up!
    5. Catch up on all the films you’ve missed. I am sure that many of you, just like me, always seem to miss the short window that films are in the cinema for. It’s a blink and you miss it kind of reaction. Well now is your time, don your PJ’s, snuggle on the sofa and put on a film or two that you must see. It’s also a great way to have some well-deserved you time.
    6. Get Crafting. Dig out those Christmas presents that your friendly neighbour or friends mum gives you every year. Its time to give these a go and get creative, whether it’s making a pin cushion or painting glass.
    7. Play Board Games.  Yes, dust of the Christmas faves and enjoy! Monopoly is a family must for us but do be sure to play anything you fancy.
    8. Get the girls over for catch ups, lunches and drinks. What better way to be stuck inside than to be stuck inside with your best friends? Cook lunch, have a catch up and enjoy a glass of wine. What more could you want from a rainy weekend?
    9. Read a Book. I never thought I would say this but Amazon Prime has been my saviour. Order a good book, sit down with a cup of tea and actually read it. I used to love reading and it’s something I have less and less time for. So pick up a real book, not a kindle or a phone and have a good ol’ read.
    10. Pamper yourself. Put on a face pack, give yourself the manicure you have wanted for the past week or exfoliate your entire body. The best part is you’ll feel a million dollars when you wake up the next morning.



What more could you want from a rainy weekend? Let me know how you get on, I’m all ears!

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