5 Minute Friday 30/06/17 – What a Milestone…

IMG_20170516_101806_517Well, I’m proud to announce my first blogging milestone…

Happy one month to me!

It’s been a month since I started my small piece of cyber heaven, so thank you all for reading it and consistently checking back to see what I’m up to. I’m glad that you’re all still here and haven’t been bored to tears by what I’m rambling on about. That being said there is no way to prove that it isn’t just my mum making numerous hits an hour on this site to make me feel like I’m making good progress with it.

I’ve had hits from so many wonderful places including – America, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Thailand, Portugal and the Maldives. Word is clearly spreading fast!

So just a quick post to thank you really. I’m off to treat myself with a G&T whilst dreaming up some more posts to whet your appetite.


P.S. If this success is down to you mum, please stop – I appreciate it, but it will get boring for you to read the same post multiple times a day, and you’ll burn out from all the travel!

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