Four letter swear words…

Yep, that’s right. You have heard it here first. But I, like all of you, hate four letter swear words. They have no place in society, lowering the tone of every argument instantly. The worst one for me is the word Diet. Yes that’s right, Diet (I’m just off to wash my mouth out with soap).

The very word makes me feel uncomfortable. I think I must have been Italian in a past life – I basically revolve around pasta or red wine! I adore carbs, so the term Diet and I already have issues!

By my very nature I’m a feeder, you simply have to ask everyone I meet to confirm this. I adore cooking and ensure that everyone I cook for has had enough. I even provide a little goody bag for the 5 minute journey home. This is ill advised (who knew) and I am desperately trying to break the habit of a life time by not force feeding everyone I meet with 8000 calories a day.

Don’t panic, I’m not jumping on the fitness bandwagon that is currently sweeping social media but instead I want to try something new… even if the recipes are often more naughty than nice!

My ultimate vanilla cheesecake

I would like to bring you on a little journey with me, posting recipes that you can try at home too. Jump on board this taste train, I dare you! I really hope you can find something you’ll love.

If you have any ideas about recipes I should try, get in touch.

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