Holiday Blues – Dominican Republic

What better way to escape the office than going on holiday? Nothing beats the feeling you get when you book it, countdown to it and then eventually hop on that plane to start the break you have been so desperate to take.

This time, we ventured to the Dominican Republic. Not only was a family friend getting married here (Yes, another friend ties the knot) but we wanted a holiday anyway. Think two birds, one stone.

We stayed in La Romana, a short taxi ride from the airport. All I can say is when you imagine the Caribbean this is what you get here. Think white sand, crystal clear blue sea and palm trees.


We filled our days with lazy beach days, spa treatments and a lot of good food. Oww and the wedding of course!

What else do you need when you have sun, sea and a rum filled coconut?

Every holiday needs a Rum filled Coconut

We managed to take a trip over to Saona Island too. We hopped on a speedboat, snorkelled on the reef and quietly went searching for starfish in the hope we could admire them from afar in their natural habitat.

We spotted wildlife and saw the local transport…

Seeking out the local transport

Found the very BEST views (No filter needed here!)


After a day of laying on the beach we sailed home…

Sailing Away..


The trip was truly magical but sadly wasn’t long enough. Before I knew it we were on the plane making our way back to reality.

Homeward Bound…

Holiday Blues have already set in… I think it’s time to book another adventure!

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