She’s getting married in the morning…

Its wedding season! It’s that wonderful time of year where the countdown has stopped, guests start arriving and dresses and suits are in abundance.

I adore this time of year, who doesn’t love a summer wedding? Plus it gives me an excuse to take one of my bags out for an outing so I’m not complaining!


The wedding was in the grounds of Notley Abbey, a bespoke wedding venue (and yes we were lucky enough to have the run of the whole place). P.S. Rumour has it that Marilyn Monroe and other star studded guests stayed here in the 40s and 50s, so we were in very good company!

We arrived to a winding driveway, flanked either side by miles up miles or rolling countryside.


 I wish I’d taken more pictures of the food, but I was too busy filling my face with the goodies on offer – you can’t photograph and chew can you?

IMG_2698 IMG_2688

So private and peaceful I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of my favourite parts of the venue…

They even had a stonking vintage Bentley parked outside that I wish I could have taken home.



You Gouda look at this cake too…


Every detail had been lovingly thought about (big or small). It really was a magical day and by far one of the best weddings I have had the pleasure of attending!

There is nothing else to do but wish my friend and her new husband a future with an abundance of love, laughter and of course happiness. You really are made for each other and are the perfect match.

Have you been to any wonderful weddings recently – I’d love to hear about them if so?

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