Virginia Water Lake; A Weekend Walkers Paradise

With outstanding weather this weekend, what else is there to do but go for a country walk. We headed over to Virginia Water, a real jewel in Surreys crown.

Originally created as a Royal Pleasure Park, what more do you want from your local bolthole?

We got up early, hopped in the car and headed down to a peaceful spot…

Swanning around…

And then trundled down to my favourite view, my dream house just across the lake!

My dream house across the lake

The glorious British summer has once again shown itself and the sun glinted through the leaves, leaving beautiful dappled patterns of light dancing around us as we walked.


We eventually reached The Cascade. I’m sure you agree this isn’t something you would normally see in your local park. This is a must see for me every time I arrive.

The Cascade

We continued walking for miles, finding logs to sit on when the need arose. Just us, the wildlife and the camera. Such a peaceful start to the weekend!



We eventually decided to turn back, grab a coffee and slip away as it gradually filled with families, runners and dog walkers.

You need to visit Virginia Water Lake – if you haven’t you are really missing out!

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