5 Minute Friday – 23/06/17…

After a long week I can’t think of anything better than catching up with my nearest and dearest. As a feeder, I bond with people over food. Catch ups like this suit me down to the ground, even if they are a little questionable for my waistline.

Ever a creature of habit I hit one of my favourite stable haunts – Wagamama. As their saying goes; from bowl to soul and it really is simple good food (i know you’re already up on the hype of this place but still, i do love it, even if its a chain!)

We tucked into Chilli Squid, Edamame with a sprinkle of salt and my favourite, pulled pork gyoza.

My partner in crime even found room for the grilled duck ramen.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-25 at 21.56.48

I have it under good authority that the new Meantime Brewery beers in association with Wagamama are a must try too. But as a non beer drinker I stuck with the peach ice tea.

If they did loyalty cards we would be gold club members by now. We nattered about future plans and quietly celebrated the launch of my blog, something I have been wanting to do for a while.

With full bellies we headed home to curl up on the sofa and watch a film. Here’s to another busy week!


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