A little trip down memory lane

We all love a little trip down memory lane. I know it’s an old cliché but we really do grow up too quickly. I miss the carefree days when your biggest dilemma was what you would wear for the day (my staple was socks and sandals, hideous I know) or getting excited at spending time with the Grandparents.

Lucky for me growing up, I was close with my Grandparents. And have many happy memories of days out, Mr whippy in hand, running to and fro or pretending I was a duck (yes that really did happen). For me, Longleat holds many happy memories (and I hadn’t realised until my return a few weekends ago whilst hopping on to the Longleat Express) that I had adored this place so much as a child. I have some very treasured pictures here of me with my Grandparents as a toddler. And I have to say, the magic still exists. It really is still as good as I remember it!

In addition to those happy memories, you’ll know that I have a slightly (some would say borderline unhealthy) obsession with Rhinos. They really are so very misunderstood and the most beautiful creatures. Although I have been lucky enough to see them in the wild (In the wondrous South Africa) I still needed to get my fix here in the UK… so thanks for helping me out Longleat!

We spent the day with friends driving around the Safari. Luckily we saw many of the wonderful animals on offer, including my childhood favourite ducks (!) and managed to get lucky with some of the pictures we took. We even managed to avoid being terrorised by the monkeys. Unfortunately several cars around us suffered from a very different fate, with aerials and parking sensors being gleefully ripped off by the monkeys clearly up to no good. Although we found this hilarious and everyone seemed accepting of the unfolding events, I would avoid entering the enclosure if your car is your ultimate pride and joy, and always remember to take of your aerial!






Even with the weather (downpours galore) we had a wonderful time, and the house was looking absolutely bloomin’. If you get a chance, and fancy a quick diversion for some peace and quiet visit the Secret Garden. You not only get a beautiful view of the house, but the mature gardens are packed full of roses. We even made a wish by throwing a couple of coins into the fountain.

Having the most wonderful day at Longleat really has got me thinking. What are your favourite childhood places and why do they mean so much to you. Be sure to let me know, I may very well visit a few of them!

We will be back in the winter for the Festival of Light to touch base with a magical place for me– not just because I want another excuse to see the Rhino!



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