Wisely Gardens – A Flowers Paradise

I promised you mediocre photography, so here it is! I really didn’t want to keep you waiting more than a few days if I possibly could.

What do you do when the weather is wonderful, you have a totally free day and you want to play with the camera? You go to Wisely!  For those of you not in the know, RHS Wisely is based in Woking Surrey, just of the A3. They aim to ‘Inspire, involve, inform, improve’ with the main aim of growing excellence in horticulture. If you haven’t been you are missing out and I would urge you to go if you’re looking for a tranquil open space to wander around. I was really inspired whilst walking around and I have taken away a few ideas for my own garden, here comes my inner Charlie Dimmock. The gardens gave us the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather, whilst I got to grips with the camera and how to make it focus. See, I really am a novice when it comes to photography!


We spend ages wondering around the mature gardens, down by the ponds and across the vast expanses of lawn. I enjoyed the soft scent of the blossom at the start of spring (I do have to admit this blog is a little late, apologies for that yet again) and eclectic mix of flower varieties planted to perfection. Trundling up to the Glass House we were just in time to see the orchid display, I really was blown away. Firstly I have never seen so many orchids in one place and I certainly had never seen ones with the blooms as big as they were. I hope you’ll agree they really are the perfect muse – elegant, eye-catching and they don’t move so I was able to get some great shots.


After our time in the glass house we ambled back to the car, picked up some lunch, poured ourselves and indulgent G &T and curled up on the sofa for some quiet us time. I will be back to Wisely when the seasons change to see if I can get some more wonderful photos. Do you have any other hidden gems like Wisely that I should be adding to my ‘must photograph’ list?

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